Ohio Lockdown for Seniors- Covid-19

Hello everyone. I hope this finds you well and without illness in your homes. We apparently lucked out thorugh a minor case of Covid-19 at one of my children’s house but they are unable to get any testing. I pray it is over for them and hopefully they did have at least some form

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Isolation during Covid – 19

Hi everyone….I hope this finds you and your family well and if you are ill, I pray that your recovery is quick and without incident. Sadly, the virus situation has attacked our family and hopefully it will be a mild and inconsequential. The family disruption is quite significant but again, if all goes well ,

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Spring Equinox -Time of Renewal and Covid- 19

What is an Equinox? Tonite at 11:49 ESt is the Spring Equinox. It will be the earliest occurrence in over a century. Commonly the equinox occurs on the 20th or 21st. What is an equinox? We have two a winter and spring, and they mark the exact date when the daytime equals the time we

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How to Add Structure to a Spring Floral Bouquet

I am sitting here observing the cresting of my spring plants through the dark soil. I am so happy to see those little green shoots. The chipmunks did not get all my tulips- I have a few planted in a yellow pot and they are starting to come up. Today, I moved the pot to

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Olive Oil a Healthy Addition to Your Diet

Lunch and Trip to Olive Oil Taster My daughter in law arranged for us to meet and go out to lunch.  She also wanted to take me to this little shop she has been raving about in Strongsville Ohio. It is a gourmet olive and balsamic vinegar store called The Olive Scene Apparently they have

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St Patrick’s Day and The Wearing of the Green

Many traditions exist in Ireland and outside of Ireland revolving around the “idea of being Irish.” AS the saying goes, on March 17, “Everbody is a little Irish.” Now I know that To be Irish on this day is mainly an excuse to join in the local celebrations, and there is no harm in that.

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TeaSets, Teacups, and Teapots

As a young girl growing up in Albany, NY, I had a best friend. Her name was Maura. Maura and I walked to school together every day since we started, and even went to the same high school . Then, we walked to the bus stop together. She only lived one block down the hill

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Daily Organizers. Which do You Recommend?

During my working years as a medical-legal nurse consultant, I utilized a couple of different calendar systems in my tenure. I did not have an iPhone nor a Google calendar, so I had to make do with paper calendars. The legal department had a legal form software on the computer which had a schedule, but

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A Tricky Bathroom Reno

If you have been following my blog , you will remember I have been working on upgrading my house for a good few years now. You can see some of what we have done on the blog at the home tour section. My last big reno was the master bath. I had an old walk-in

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Wild Atlantic Way Part II

I told you about my trip up the Atlantic coast of Ireland from Cork to Bantry Bay. Today I’ll share with you the second part of our trip. The next day we drove from there through Kerry. First, we drove to Kilarney and then to the Dingle Penisula Hey guys, I would like to take

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Treadle Sewing Machine Delights

Hi everyone! I finally have the new workshop up and running, but before I start on any new projects, I want to review my in house inventory. I am amazed to find so many treadle machine parts, furniture, and pieces John redesigned in the cupboards. A Tale of Three Tables Today I am doing a

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