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This is just a short post so I can show you something I love in my home.

I wanted to share with you some work of a dear friend of mine. Jean has been doing cross stitch for many years and she had made me many great pictures over the years. I’d like to share with you the Angels she had made for me. One is named Spring Angel…she is in the upstairs guest bedroom. Next is Winter Angel, she is in the master bedroom. I love the detail work, beads, and metal threads mixed with the yarns.

She has honed her talent as a fabric artist for over twenty years. Apparently, she cannot just sit and watch TV she cross stitches.

Winter Angel

Now you know, I couldn’t just let these go without finding out more about them. I found the artist creator was a woman named Marylyn Leavitt- Imblum. Her design company was called Lavender & Lace. She specialized in Victorian subjects, the Angle series being her most popular.

Marylyn was born in Ohio and began her professional career as a fashion and advertising artist for a local company. After attending an Amish quilting bee and deigning a pattern in memory of that visit. Marilyn sold her work through the store and later began her own design company for cross stitching called “Told in a Garden”.. You can see access her patterns at this website HERE

The Quiting

Marilyn was married three times. She developed MS and died in 2012 at the young age of 66. Her daughter from her first marriage, Nora Adams Corbett has followed in her footsteps as an artist and now designs whimsical cross designs of angles, faires, and much more. Her art site is called Mirabella. You can find her work HERE

Mirabella’s December Blue Topaz

I love my angels and the colors of the matting and threads were chosen to complement the decor colors of the rooms. I like to mix woods, Victorian and modern country styles. I also mix artwork.

My Spring Angel

I have never had the skill set for this work. Do any of you practice this fiber art craft? What do you think of Jean’s cross-stitch work?

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