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Hi, My Name's Darleen

I am a homebody that finds comfort and joy in all things home: gardening, decor, recipes, room updates, reading, entertaining, and even travel.
For the past twelve years, I resided half the year in Ohio near my sons and the other half in Ireland with my partner. We traveled the beauty of that country and even made a few trips to the UK.
Now I am permanently back in Ohio, working on making my home a haven for myself, my friends, and my family. And I would love for you to feel free to do this too. I lean toward a New England, English country decor, but you can adapt my ideas to fit your style. I blog about decor, eating, gardening, travel, and antiquing. So if any of this appeals, join me and make your home your haven.

My Etsy Shop

HomebodyHavens is a hodgepodge of favorite items I find in thrift stores and antique shops. Pieces I would like in my home. As you will see in my selections, I am drawn to antique and vintage. But I also show neat whimseys I find. I also love hand-crafted items. We have several gorgeous handmade hardwood boxes, Vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, and hand-crafted art pieces. I began my beach pebble and seashell art while living in Ireland. I actually brought boxes of beach shells, pebbles, and driftwood back to Ohio!



My Dad promised his mother he would take her to her birthplace in Ireland. Well, WWW II and her death prevented him from keeping his promise. So I did it for him. Over the past twenty years, I found my grandmother's family in Ireland, the USA, and Australia. So, if you are interested in your Irish-American Roots, just go to my contact page, and let's see what I can do for you.

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