About Home Body Havens

I I’m Darleen, and welcome to my lifestyle blog called homebodyhavens.com. 

I am a homebody.  If you look up the definition, they describe someone who hides at home, not wanting to see anyone or do anything.  That is NOT me. 

While I am a bit shy and reserved- I always have been. I love people and doing things. I avoid crowds and loud settings.  I prefer small groupings and quiet.  In this setting, I get to know and enjoy other people and places.

I have lived in the New England area- that’s where I grew up.  Married and moved to the west of the nation and then settled in Ohio.  For the past twelve years, I have lived half the year in Ohio and half the year in Ireland and Europe.  Sadly my partner passed, and I now reside in Ohio.

I am a mother of two grown sons and have three beautiful granddaughters. A bit of a restless soul, I love to move furniture around each change of season and am known for an eclectic home style that suits me.

I love to help others develop their decor sense. I  must have “redone” my house and little flower gardens a dozen times!

I grew up in upstate New York in an east coast decor, reflected in the love of older homes; a traditionalist vibe with a bit of elegance. 

Traveling in Europe, I recognized a similarity and fused the Euro Countryside decor I grew to love with my taste. I don’t think my style has a name- it is my bit of the world that I find comfortable, relaxed, and makes me happy. I love that people are comfortable in my home. 

Antiquing, a favorite pastime,  lets me get out and enjoy the hunt and offer my findings to you on eBay, local pickup, or my Etsy store. I still dabble in the arts and crafts works and show my wares in my Etsy shop, along with John’s wood boxes, trinkets, and some furniture that remain for sale.

Occasionally, I paint small pieces of furniture, and I enjoy the pebble art I did in Ireland. Lately, I’ve gotten involved in mixed media art and painting. I want to grow in that creative endeavor.

Mastering or even figuring out how to use my new Nikon digital camera is a recurrent dream. ;))

I hope you guys will follow along with me as I  share my stories of life, travel, and just being, and I hope you will feel welcome to share your world and advice. 

My goal is to inspire you to feel comfortable in your home and to try new things. 

If something doesn’t work: tear it out, or pitch it and try again.  If it is too large or expensive, you can sell it or work around it.  

It is, after all, your home, your haven.

Hope we can share ideas and make out own haven.