Architectural Salvage in an Ohio Condo


I love searching for pieces to use as architectural salvage projects in my home. The newest idea involves the ceiling in my dining area off the kitchen in the Ohio condo. For the past two years, I have been redecorating the Ohio condo on and off. And I’m sure I will keep redoing forever!

We kept debating whether we should sell the big condo and go to a small house with land for a second workshop. In the end, we decided to stay and not sell. The constant traveling left us little time for home maintenance provided by the condo association, a feature we couldn’t pass up. Now with the change circumstances, I’ll be here most of the time so I will take the time to get into more projects.

White cabinets made huge change from the red gold oat.

I recently assisted a client with home decor in her new house. She found a picture grouping with frames she loved. The two sconces in the cluster did not match the gilded frames, so I regilded the sconces for her; touched up all the features on the frames too until I achieved a pretty good match. The picture grouping looks wonderful on her wall and she is quite pleased.

In lieu of payment, we agreed on a barter…she had removed an old plaster ceiling medallion from her kitchen to allow for a new lighting system in her kitchen remodel. She agreed to trade that for the work done. I left with a smile.

As I said, I have recently begun to upgrade the condo, and I love to mix old and new in my personal space. I love to incorporate the old world styles, especially European into my American home.
When I redid the kitchen, my main focus was to remove the oak cabinets and get white cabinets to lighten up the dark kitchen. Painted cabinets, especially white, are a common feature in Irish homes. Now, the newer homeowners favor ultramodern looks of acrylic and high-end poly finish and brighter colors.

My kitchen was very dark as there is only one window over the sink and then two doors out to the three seasons room at the end of the space. I decided to put in pot lights over into the kitchen ceiling and put a large chandelier over the eating room table.

The changeout to the white cabinet and the ceiling light made a big difference. The rooms are much brighter now. These two changes alone brightened up the kitchen significantly.

In the initial planning period, I got bids for placing skylight in the kitchen and removing the popcorn plaster ceiling- a fad I genuinely dislike. I also planned a series of pot lights with LED bulbs placed in the kitchen ceiling

Boy, I almost choked when I found out the cost for each of those projects. So needless to say, I abandoned those ideas. I kept the ceiling pot lights and had under – cabinet lighting installed.

I had added a bit of bling to the dining chandelier.

We added the bling by taking black wire and hanging crystals onto the arms of the fixture.
Dining room off kitchen. Note crystals from Chandelier

I really wanted to put that salvaged medallion in with the dining area fixture but am having difficulties getting someone to take down the chandelier to paint and mount the chandelier. I will keep looking because it is a look I really want and I think it will distract somewhat from that awful popcorn ceiling. I’ll send you a picture when we get it done. I have to paint it yet to match the ceiling, and I hope the prominence of the medallion distracts the eye from the popcorn or at least enhances the ceiling.

In Europe, I never saw a popcorn plaster. The ceilings and walls are all smooth rendered with plaster or wood. Crystal ceiling lights are conventional, and in the old world homes I love, the ceiling medallion is a common feature.

Notice the medallion and NO popcorn ceiling- home show in Dublin Ireland few years ago

Do any of you enjoy checking for architectural salvage items, What have you found?

Do you like popcorn ceilings? What have you done to yours? Any way to fix them without sanding down???? What a mess!!!

Meanwhile my friends, stay safe and healthy. Architectural Salvage is a great time filling in this corona lockdown!



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