Isolation during Covid – 19


Hi everyone….I hope this finds you and your family well and if you are ill, I pray that your recovery is quick and without incident.

Sadly, the virus situation has attacked our family and hopefully it will be a mild and inconsequential. The family disruption is quite significant but again, if all goes well , I shall be a happy camper.

As for today, due to the Ohio self quarantine. the spread of this nasty virus and in protection of my own health and others; I must announce a closure of our online and at site stores. I thought I could offer an online shop experience, but truth be told, I do not believe going to the post office and waiting in line is a smart activity.

I have an immune disorder-inflammatory arthritis with lung involvement and I am an older person. I want to be around for the most important aspect of my life: family and friends.

So as the saying goes, it is with a heavy heart I am closing the stores. Hopefully the isolation order and the disease will reduce and we will back back up and running soon

In the meantime my friends; stay positive, keep your distances, contact friend and family via media and stay health and well. Keep in touch if you have any ideas on things to help occupy us or if you need a chance to vent or talk.

My prayers and thoughts are with all of us



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