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Hello. I hope this Friday finds you happy and healthy. I continue to stay hunkered down in my bunker, grateful to the existence of my Ipad. On this wizardly wonder, I have been able to watch a fantastic array of tv programs: manly British mysteries, and Scandinavian thrills with a dash of French dramas.

That fantastic gadget has also allowed me to use my Kindle app to read hundreds and hundreds of books. Being stuck in and looking for something that allowed me to get involved in the story, I found a series by the author Ken Follett to be just the ticket.

Ken Follet, British, writer, novelist, portrait, Milan, Italy, 19th September 2007. (Photo by Leonardo Cendamo/Getty Images)

So if you are looking for a great read, I highly recommend the Kingsbridge Series. It consists of three very thick books of historical fiction. Now I know the book is a wee bit large and a bit daunting, but the author’s skill in the description and character development grabs you and transports the reader into the story.  

Ken Follett began writing thrillers…The eye of the Needle was one of his first. Now it was a tremendous story and kept you on the edge of your set, but his later works of fiction, like Pillars of the Earth, are much more skilled and do capture the reader. He progressed to historical fictions, which I highly enjoy

So if you are looking for something to help occupy the long hours of self-isolation, I find these books to be a great companion.

There are three in the series but they can be read a a one book read and still enjoyed.

  1. Pillars of the Earth- story of a monk in the fictitious town of Kingbridge, England, who wants to build a massive cathedral in the small English trade town. Without relying on just the story itself for enjoyment alone, the description and knowledge of the cathedral and stone building are well worth reading 
  2. World Without Eng- takes the cathedral story onto future generations of that building family in England and Italy up to the world pandemic 
  3. Lastly, the book Column of Fire follows the family one last time, as Ned Willard seeks his one true love during the time of the battle over the crown for Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Queen of Scots See here at Amazon

If you enjoy historical fiction, love descriptive and emotive writing, I highly recommend these books. They kept me occupied for months!!

Take care, stay well

If you have any recommendations for a good read, please leave me a note in the comments..Thank you



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