A Simple Wood Box Named Rose

I went downstairs the other day to get something from the back workroom , and walked past the shelving set full of handmade wood boxes. Just seeing all that beautiful and hard work just sitting there, I decided it was time to get back in the shop groove. The shop closed down after Christmas last

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Collectible Vintage Stiffel Lamps

When I first got married and went to work, we saved money to buy our first home. We had just transferred to Ohio after moving from New York to New Mexico and then to California. By then, we were both ready to settle and stop living out of the cars. We rented a twinplex in

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What a Difference a Rug Makes

I have been in the process of upgrading or redoing my living room for a couple of years now. It’s probably a good thing I have taken my time as I find my tastes change over time, and I do need to keep control of my finances. I usually put aside the monies for a

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Walnut box with Maple Splines

Boxes Make A great Christmas Gift !!

I’m sure we all have had the experience of our own, or another’s kid or pet playing for hours with the cardboard box that held their gift. But right now, I am talking about a different box. These are handcrafted wood boxes we offer for sale at WoodnWhimsey. The line is called Premium Boxes by

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Blue painted Hall Table

For Sale at our Local Pickup Only Booth

I hope you guys are having a great Sunday. I am still adding bits N pieces to my in house tree and home decoration. I have these great solar lights for the outside dogwood tree but I cannot reach the branches! Typical planning glitch….hope to get a tall person to assist me soon. Today I

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Hi guys, I told you I would show you the finished coffee table and picture frames I painted in Boxwood green.  In a past posting, I shared with you the old yellow oak oversized coffee table in the downstairs family room that needed a makeover. I loved the look of the table but hated that

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Hidden Dangers in a Woodworking Shop

Everyone is aware of the many dangers in woodworking. You think of saws and sharp tools and so you naturally think cuts and blood.  You might also expect bangs and bruises from hammers and such. Now, these are all hazards in woodworking. John has lost the tippy tip of many of his fingers and even

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BUBINGA AND PADUCK, Just Two Exotic Woods

As you know, John started a wood box product to his line of handcrafted woodcraft. The boxes are constructed using exotic hardwoods incorporating professional joinery techniques and completed with a multi-layer sealed fine furniture finish.  John made the first grouping using oak, poplar, and walnut. The boxes were large three drawer jewelry boxes. Since then

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Love the Finish On This Table

I recently posted our condo kitchen remodel. In those posts, I showed this six-foot walnut stained dining table and bench.  I move dit up from the lower level and workshop up to the kitchen eating area to stage it in a proper setting and for those who come to the shop to view. John and

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