Boxes Make A great Christmas Gift !!


I’m sure we all have had the experience of our own, or another’s kid or pet playing for hours with the cardboard box that held their gift.

But right now, I am talking about a different box. These are handcrafted wood boxes we offer for sale at WoodnWhimsey. The line is called Premium Boxes by JC and represents our exotic wood boxes handcrafted by an experienced furniture and cabinet maker. And these boxes would also make a great Christmas Gift!

The swirly grained box in the fore is a Bubinga, natural, splined latch top box.

On the Bottom shelf left to right are:  a latch top 4 spline black walnut, then small trinket, beheld that a two drawer black walnut.  On the shelf above are, the pull-top boxes in walnut, Bubinga and behind then a plain latch top without splines and then a three spline both in Bubinga

There are currently over fifty different boxes available, and they represent a year of steady craftsmanship by John here and in Ireland. He was only able to source for “Malaysian Walnut” in Ireland, and we only have a few of that wood in the collection. I will try to break them down into style and tye for you.

Originally John started out making from old dressing table drawers but then expanded into handcrafting his own.  

For convenience, I have listed the boxes by style and type.


  • two drawer stain or painted $55-50
  • latch top with splines $80-100
  • top latch without splines $70
  • trinket boxes- small & medium $35 to 40


  • Oak
  • American Black Walnut
  • Bubinga
  • Paduak
  • Malaysian Walnut


  • natural
  • stained
  • painted
  • lacquer

The box shown here is made from walnut. Our naturals stress the beauty of the raw wood; its grain and patterns are the main focus in our exotic wood selections. This box is made to show the beauty of the wood grain. No dyes or stains applied; instead, it has been hand sealed with multiple layers of poly and sanded between each layer before a final finish is applied. Felt cushions added to the base and great stainless pulls used on the drawers Handmade wood box- for jewelry, watches, keepsakes.

A fine furniture item- a great gift for a woman, man, or child. It can fit an iPhone in a drawer easily. Each box is individually made, so measurements provided are slightly approximated. Measures 12 in long x 8 tall and 7 in deep.

American Black Walnut above three – Our Two Drawer box great for jewelry. $55.00

Below are painted drawer boxes. I can add a floral decal if you are interested in painted item $50.00

And we have one on green and two in white

Next Style is Latch Tops

Another type of Box Style is the Latch Top.  The larger box has side splines. Splines or inserted wood pieces on the corners are added to give interest to the box and also to add structural support tot he item. The box directly below is a small latch top Bubinga Box.  We also made a removable insert for the interior to organize content. The box is great for jewelry, watches, small accessories but without the insert, it can hold letters,,. papers, etc. and Artists can use the drawers or even the open boxes to hold pens, brushes, ink bottles, paper, envelopes, craft items.

There is a wood bar that will hold paper if you wish.

Bubinga grain- simple latch box without splines- smallest of the Latch Boxes $70.00

Three spline Latchtop $80.00


Smaller and uniques lift top boxes; also crafted from exotic woods: Ohio Black walnut, Asian Walnut, Bubinga, and Oak. Special- cut for a secure open-top box. The pieces are lined with velvet green and red to protect your trinket.

Measurements approx 5 x 4 x 3 inches

Perfect for holding jewelry, a watch, your earpods, and I put my business cards in mine

Two small trinket boxes: Bubinga- see the grain!

American Black Walnut Trinket Box $40.00

Like I said previously, we do have a good many for sale.  Please go to to preview and purchase.  Happy to answer any questions or send pictures- request in the comment section below.

So guys let me know if you are interested.  I will happily send you a picture of any item that interests you.  Remember only two and a half weeks till Christmas!!! Yikes!!

These boxes will make a lifelong gift for your someone special.

Talk soon

Take god care



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