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TeaSets, Teacups, and Teapots

As a young girl growing up in Albany, NY, I had a best friend. Her name was Maura. Maura and I walked to school together every day since we started, and even went to the same high school . Then, we walked to the bus stop together. She only lived one block down the hill

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A Tricky Bathroom Reno

If you have been following my blog , you will remember I have been working on upgrading my house for a good few years now. You can see some of what we have done on the blog at the home tour section. My last big reno was the master bath. I had an old walk-in

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Treadle Sewing Machine Delights

Hi everyone! I finally have the new workshop up and running, but before I start on any new projects, I want to review my in house inventory. I am amazed to find so many treadle machine parts, furniture, and pieces John redesigned in the cupboards. A Tale of Three Tables Today I am doing a

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Time to Replace House Windows

My home was built about 23 years ago. For the past five years, I have been upgrading both inside and out. First, we changed an outside porch and converted it to a three-season room. New paint in the upper level, new carpets throughout, new HVAC, hot water heaters. Two years ago, I upgraded the kitchen,

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Collectible Vintage Stiffel Lamps

When I first got married and went to work, we saved money to buy our first home. We had just transferred to Ohio after moving from New York to New Mexico and then to California. By then, we were both ready to settle and stop living out of the cars. We rented a twinplex in

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What a Difference a Rug Makes

I have been in the process of upgrading or redoing my living room for a couple of years now. It’s probably a good thing I have taken my time as I find my tastes change over time, and I do need to keep control of my finances. I usually put aside the monies for a

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My Woodlands Tree

I did complete my Woodland Wonderland Tree. I was inspired by Michael from Inspired Charms See how that worked! LOL Anyway. He had a gorgeous tree with white lights and just chock full of decorations. I have watched him for a few years now and love his entertaining and decor posts. He recently moved

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Walnut box with Maple Splines

Boxes Make A great Christmas Gift !!

I’m sure we all have had the experience of our own, or another’s kid or pet playing for hours with the cardboard box that held their gift. But right now, I am talking about a different box. These are handcrafted wood boxes we offer for sale at WoodnWhimsey. The line is called Premium Boxes by

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Decorating My New Christmas Tree with my Right Brain

I usually spend the winter in Ireland, but since I have grandbabies, I now try to be in Ohio for Christmas every other year.   When my boys lived with me, we cut down our tree at a local tree farm. Those trees stayed fragrant. How I loved the smell of the pine.   Then, for a

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How Safe Are You. Tips on Holiday Safety

 Over this past weekend, I had an event scared me.  I live in a condo on a golf course in a quiet suburb in northeast Ohio.   I really do not wish to identify the area any closer to that location. The town is really a great area.  Fantastic school systems, pretty layout, taxes are

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Do You Like Raw Honey?

I have never been a fan of honey.  You know, that little honey bear plastic bottle?  My kids loved it on toast, but I never cared for the taste.  I preferred maple syrup and used it as my sweet syrup goto. A few weeks ago,  when the kids came to collect the grand dog, they

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Whimsical Pebble Art

I started collecting stones as a small child.  When I got older, it was something I shared with my mother.  After I married, I traveled across the country with my husband for his work.  Every time I went someplace new, I got a stone and bought it home. She kept those stones on a bookcase

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