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Hi everyone! I finally have the new workshop up and running, but before I start on any new projects, I want to review my in house inventory. I am amazed to find so many treadle machine parts, furniture, and pieces John redesigned in the cupboards.

A Tale of Three Tables

Today I am doing a table review. John loved the antique treadle sewing machines, and he made about fifteen tables and sewing machine drawer cabinets with the machines we found. He also mounted some sewing machine heads on wood stands for decor items.

But first the tables. First the maple models. I have two made from solid maple. John loved the natural softness in the grain and glow of the maple. He made a wine table and a flat table with two treadle machines.  

The maple is not stained. John hand sanded and applied poly multiple times until he got the smooth as glass finish he wanted.

I took the wine table and put a design by “Design by Prima” winery decal on the one table. The black of the transfer looks sharp against the gold of the wood. The table is outfitted with a wine rack and two small side drawers that sit above a reclaimed black vintage treadle sewing machine base. The base has been cleaned and repainted. The treadle and wheel are still operational.

Love the black against the gold of the maple
Love the grain
The wheel and treadle

The next table is another maple table with no transfers — the soft grain and glass-like finish shine against the black treadle cast iron base. Again the treadle and wheel are operational. The wine rack is removable on this table. It would look great as an entry table, a lamp table, or even an island for a small kitchen. The original caster wheels remain on the base. You can see how we staged it here in this kitchen.

kitchen cabinets and wine table island

The second style table is my favorite. The solid cedar wood forms three shelves placed into a Singer treadle sewing machine base. The emblem of the singer Co. is painted in gold on the side pieces. The table is painted in a boxwood green. The shade derived from a unique mix, taking the Miss Maple Seed milk paint color Boxwood and reformulating it into a preparation made by Benjamen Moore. Paint. I found the recipe on the Miss Mustard Seed’s website.

  This table can be used as lamps stand, a storage unit in the bath to hold towels perhaps, even on a sheltered outside area as a bar-b-q table, a plant stand, or a potting table. I would not advise allowing water to stand on this, and the paint is not waterproof, but cedar can, by its nature, take a lot of moisture.

Finally, the third table is our pretty lady. Blue, with an overpaint of gray gloss and black wax. the colors are so pretty on this smaller size table. Outfitted with a small two drawer chest on the top and crystal knobs. She sits on an old White sewing machine treadle which is still operational. She makes a great entry table.

sewing table

Treadle Machine Drawers

I found some extra sewing machine drawers in the cupboards when I was cleaning up. Three are from an old machine with a large frontal piece, the last two from a straight flat front drawer. These drawers make great storage trays. Left rustic as it or you can paint them. I have lined a couple with old wallpaper.

I have one three drawer storage cabinet John made from the vintage drawers. He constructed a top and bottom and felted the bottom. I have one I use to store teabags and K cups in my coffee station.

original handles

Decor Sewing Machine Heads

I have three very rustic sewing machine heads John mounted to handcrafted wood boxes. I also have two in better condition. The Singer below is a collector’s item, according to a very angry sewing machine connoisseur who informed me quite emphatically, that I ruined a much sought after antique Singer machine by separating it from its base.  

This is the machine I got in trouble over

 I honestly did not know it was such a desired item. We never really took any machine that was in working condition or even repairable.

I have seen a wall of sewing machine head in collectors home….Who knew???

The only machine we had that was repairable was an old White in a Martha Washington’s Cabinet. John restored the cabinet, and we sold it to a young man who was going to get it repaired for his mother.

I am working on an Ebook on how to date your old treadle sewing machine. I have had a few requests for such information and am in the process of compiling my research folders.

Rustic head mounted on oak box- decor items

Bits n Pieces

Finally, I have some old scraps from the sewing machines. There are old treadles and wheel compos, some wood frame pieces for a set of drawers, and a couple of old wood panels. I will wait and see if anyone is interested before I take these to the landfill.

Again, I was sooo surprised there was so much of the Treadle Sewing Machine Delight Era still left. We sold a lot of tables made from the old ddewing machines. I ownder if there is still an appeal.

I can understand a seamstress or a tailor shop using the sewing machine heads as decor. Again, my research showed collectors of machine heads are out there. Some had a lot of them. I just had to show you guys this picture. Smile.

Any collectors out there? I would love to hear from you. Friends, please let me know if any of these tables or machines appeal. Where you put these in a home or business if you were the decorator?

Take care

Talk soon



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