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I have always scorned starting Christmas decorations early, i.e., before Thanksgiving. I realize I was wrong about that. In the past, I thought about looking for inspiration after Thanksgiving and found that if I needed to buy anything for the decor plan. I never got in it on time, or it was out of stock

This time I am starting early. I am concentrating on the dining room and sitting room fireplace mantle for now.

I found two inspirational pictures online today. The first is for the dining room. I found this fantastic idea on google today. See HERE. Kelly hung a wreath on the mirror- something I plan on doing. This wreath is a bit feathery, which I like in this setting. I’ll look for a delicate needle wreath found in white pine. Or I might get a small boxwood with a bright ribbon. Actually, it will depend on costs. I have already centered a nail above my gilded mirror. Just have to decide if I want a real or faux wreath. I had had problems in the past with needle dropping when I used natural foliage.

I also love the garland and the reindeer in the photo. In keeping with the inspiration picture, I just ordered two black candlestick buffet lamps from Lamps Plus this morning. My decor favors a mix of European country and New England colonial. Black metal is a typical colonial feature in the home. My handmade cottage dining table has a grouping of black and brown dining chairs. I have two black and cherry Hitchcock chairs for the ends of the table. I am in the process of locating four black Windsor chairs to complete the setting.

I love this buffet from Kelly Page- bluegraygal

I will clear my buffet of my blue and white porcelain until after the season. I do hope I can find those gold reindeer!

My dining room now is in flux, but I hope to have it together by Christmas.

My dining room now

The black and gray glazed candlestick lamps will be the final touch to my buffet. Candlestick and robed or corded bell features are consistent with my colonial decor wishes.

These are the lamps I got. Corded buffet lamps from Lamp Plus

I have gotten a good few lamps and shades from Lamps Plus

Now, for the table, I have a pair of brass candle holders and a large glass chimney for the center candle. I hope to place a ring of greenery around the center candle. I might add some greenery to the chandelier. That might be too much. I’ll have to see. I’ll show you the table after Thanksgiving and I’ll add links to the purchases. I get most of my stuff from Amazon. Smile

I originally purchased this Hitchcock chair in the 1970s at a local Early American furniture shop. Recently, I found a couple more online via Marketplace in the same pattern motif. A couple was clearing out Granny’s estate. There are a few chips in the black paint. Right now, I have them in the garage. I will touch up the few paint chips and spray them with lacquer. I want the two for the ends of my table- like a captain’s chair. The black and cherry go with the dining room so well.

Hitchcock chair

My final purchase will be side chairs for the table.

Next, I have to find four black Windsor side chairs, and the ensemble will be complete. I am finding it hard to find the type of Windsor chair from New England. Most of the chairs I see now have been modernized with shorter stances or a more sculptured rounding in the back. The spindles seem narrow and round. I like a more flat back spindle. It is more comfortable to lean against. My local primitive decor shop has what I like, but they are sooo expensive. I’ll keep looking for a bit more.

Windsor side chair

I did find the chair on Houzz. Has anyone ordered from them? The reviews online look good. I am tempted to chance my arm and buy them.

The final inspiration photo is below. Surprise- it is from my own house last Christmas. This year I plan to add a small green wreath over the mirror with lights. I’ll also add a few gold ornaments to the garland- fruits, balls, etc.

So I am on my way to planning for Christmas. Let me know how you all are doing..share photos. Please. Talk to me in the comments below.


I went on to Houzz to look at the chairs again. Surprisingly it said there were no more available. Thank goodness I already had the four of them in my I bought them!! I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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