Project To-Do List Part Two


I posted about my recent project list the other day but only talked about the garden. SEE HERE. Today I want to share my house to-do list.

I don’t know about you,, but I am a list person. I tend to make a list at one time and then update that list as I get into it. Sometimes I add an entire new list as I find a project that didn’t work out as anticipated or find new project ideas.



Last year I had to replace all the windows in the sunroom. The original crank-out windows had lost their seals, some would not close, and others had the handle break off. SEE HERE. SEE HERE. Now that the windows are all in place,, I want to use it as a three and sometimes all season room. It does have a heating unit,, and now,, with better windows, I hope to sit out and enjoy the outdoors more. I did notice the room was warmer this winter, but still not a comfortable seat when it was 12 degrees outside.


One thought I had was to have lined drapes to cover the windows. If I use it more, I would like some privacy from my neighbors on either side. They both use drapes. Also, I hope a blackout or Thermal will help keep it warmer in fall and winter. I did a little research. Initially I thought just blackout; I have new blackout curtains in the bedroom. But, research suggests that thermal are better for keeping out the cold. HOME GUIDES states to use a thermal as they have a more densely woven fabric and will keep out the cold better than lined cotton or denim.

I had forgotten to put the drapes on my list: I told you I have to revise or make new lists as my ideas change constantly. Not a very efficient system, but I somehow manage to muddle through this way. But in fairness to myself- smile. I had already placed a call to a drapery business. I am just awaiting her ring back.


Initially, I had a round table for eating in the sunroom. John preferred to eat out meals in the sunroom in the warmer months. We did eat out on our patio in Ireland- a more European habit, which we enjoyed. Last year, I put the round glass table down in the lower-level family room kitchen. I still need to find a smaller table for enjoying meals in the sunroom. I have a table that slides under a chair for a computer that I might use as an eating stand for myself. I can place it on the side as a side table when not in use.

Right now,, I have a wicker couch on the downstairs patio that I would like to bring upstairs. I enjoy stretching out on the couch to read and use my laptop. I plan to put the matching chair in one corner of the sunroom bring in the green rocker from my bedroom for the other corner. I told you in the garden post I would add a few more chairs for the downstairs patio and buy a dining set for the adjoining flagstone patio.

Hopefully, I can start on the furniture arranging soon. My local garden centers have patio furniture in stock or will soon.


As you look at this picture,, the bottom left corner is relatively wide, I believe I have enough room to place a small two-seat there. The front left corner has my bedroom chair, which I plan to bring back to my bedroomand replace with a green gliding chair and footstool currently in the bedroom.

Next, I will move the rattan chair in the left bottom corner to the far right corner. Finally, I have a small chest against the back wall where I store bird seed and garden books,, and tools i nthe right bottom corner. Not sure what to put there, perhaps that stand table and a small upright chair for dining. We will have to see how it looks toward the end of the furniture re-arrangement.


The master bedroom is on one side of a vaulted ceiling,, so the back wall is sloped. I thought of placing a drape canopy or cornice over the headboard,, but that slanted ceiling ruled that out.

I found this photo on Pinterest. I really like the look. It reminds me of some of the hotels we visited in Europe. Living in Europe awakened an appreciation for many things European in me.

You can see my slanted ceiling as it climbs up to the top of the vault.

Sadly, I am not able to place that very centralized decor item against a slanted ceiling.

Imn my search for ideas, I found two inspiration photos for the bedroom. First is a photo of primarily gold frame pictures on most of the back walls of the bedroom on Pinterest- multiple picture arrangements in mainly gold frames. Again a very European concept.

Inspiration photo 1

I really love this room. I did see this style in Europe, and it generates an authentic old world warm. However, I do not have that ceiling detail. Beautiful, ain’t it. But I do plan to put gold frames, art, and mirrors on the walls around the head of the bed. Hopefully, I can find similar lamps with some gold or brass triming: maybe Homestore.

I have a ceiling fan in all rooms, including the bedroom. Due to th humid heat of our summers, we make use of air circulation in the rooms and use the fans frequently. I can hang a few crystals to gussy up the fans ,and I do so love that crystal chandelier but……

When a design detail I love doesn’t quite work or is too expensive or difficult to swap out, I find that attempting to add an element that feature to my circumstance can be satisfying.

I have started to collect gold-framed pictures. So far, I have a couple of cottages, a French scene, and a gold-framed mirror. I. also have a couple of art pieces from master blogger Marian Parsons. A landscape is on order and this sweet cow and calf below.

Marian Parson’s Painting

I recently repainted with grays and added navy blackout curtains and sheers to the windows. I need the blackout for sleeping, and they did provide some protection from cold drafts this past winter. Furthermore, with the lightness of the grays, creams, and pale blues in my linens I wanted more contrast and thought the navy worked well. It also compliments the grays, golds and creams in the masterbath.

Miss Mustard Seed- Guest bedroom – Inspiration Pix 2

I have followed master blogger Marian Parsons- alias Miss Mustard Seed for over ten years. I love her sense of style and decor and I guess just the way she approaches life. This bedroom is on of my favorites makeovers of all time. I just love the gold quilt. It is no longer available where she purchased it and I could not find one I liked for a long time. However, I just found two great gold quilts at Pettery Barn and another at The Company Store. In anticipation, I have been collecting items for my room. I have a gold mirror and some gold pictures. I also have a framed doillie collection to hang instead instead of the framed infant dress.

So, I am on my way to a new bedroom, a la European and Marian Parsons Style.

Sitting Room

I have recently changed my rug, couch, and window treatments in the main sitting room upstairs. Before I had a dark rug and a dark brown leather couch and chair. I found the leather cold and because of the hardware needed to electrical elevate the seat to a lounge, the cushions while comfly to sit on were not conducive to laying flat out for a nap.

My new furniture now a small L shaped sectional in a very pale pastel blue with a side swivle club chair. The rug is also pale and have white sheers on the windows. Due to the lightness again of wall paint, rug and furniture, I plan to put a darker drape. As in in the bedroom, the room is large enough and has many light features so dark drape will add needed contrast.

While I wait for the drapery lady to call me back, I have noticed dark drapes on television programs and in decor magazines. I an leaning toward a dark sage green brocade idea.

Young and Restless

Now don’t laugh, but i noticed the drapes in this soap opera- a guilty covid winter pleasure. The drapes are a green sage and just want I think will work in my room. The brocade pattern is also similar to the continental European flavor I love. My fireplace has a sage green tile and I think navy blue as in the bedroom is just too much blue. I admit to blue and white as a favorite color ceme, I also like to add greens and golds- all colors in nature.

I attempted to order a white bookcase for either side of the bedroom door. I’llput the larger bookcase on the right side and a single case on the left next to the fireplace,I plan to take the bombay chest and put it in the guest bedroom. I have an antique gentleman chest I’ll move to the downstari bedroom.

Ikea Hemmes bookcase

I tried to get this bookcase last week but it is out of stock. I know Covid made supplies difficult to get. i have a friend who is using an apartment size frig while she awaits her new one.

Wall for white bookcase up to vaulted ceiling

I went back and forth questioning if I wanted white or wood bookcases. I have all solid oak wood trim and main floor, and I do not wish to paint them. They are a good hard wood and in great condition. In addition, my doors are all sliding oicket doors, a beast to paint. If if was pine, I definiety wood. Mind you, the trim , arcatrades, windows all would need to be painted and that is more work than I want or can pay someone to do. I already had my kitchen cabients replaced with white cabinets because the kitchen was so dark, and I wished to expand some white into other rooms.

I like to mix woods in a room and love the addition of painted items- so this works well for me. I know others would not like such an eclectic collection and that is just fine for them. I find that my sense of decor has become much looser, affect by time, travel. Over the years I have lived in New York and the East coast, the far west in Colorado and New Mexica and even Califoria for a short stint. Recently, I lived in Europe/Ireland part time over the past ten years. I believe life experiences and exposures to different places and people can influence my attitudes, likes, and dislikes

Well, that is basically my project list for the sitting room. I’ll show you updates when I can. I have more projects to share: there is the downstairs living room, bedroom, and workshop yet- smile

Are any of you guys into house projects???


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