My Woodlands Tree


I did complete my Woodland Wonderland Tree. I was inspired by Michael from Inspired Charms See how that worked! LOL

Anyway. He had a gorgeous tree with white lights and just chock full of decorations. I have watched him for a few years now and love his entertaining and decor posts. He recently moved into a new home so I have been able to watch his gift for decor in his new place.

I have my little village set up on the mantle and a kid’s friend wood village on the base of the tree. At first, I was only going to put up the little tree I put in the lower level family room or the itzy bitzy one in the bedroom. My kids are grown and gone but I wanted to have a bit of Christmas for myself .

The Woodlands tree at first

I am spending the entire Christmas holiday home in Ohio and so the grandkids will probably come over. Usually, the holidays are held in my kid’s homes. So I wanted to have a tree the grandchildren would enjoy!

Hense the animal theme. My first tree inspiration was a white tree with an Owl topper from we live inspired. I still have to get some artificial branches to insert in the tree. I’ll keep adding to it until I take it down-haha

White Tree

First I got the Owl and I found some hedgehogs, rabbits, etc. Not too sure what the owl cost, I got him online but the other animals were $50 to $60 each so I k-boshed that idea.

Then I saw Michaels’s tree with the gorgeous vintage-looking peacock and other animals and I fell inlove.

Michael’s peacock and little owl

His full tree also had an owl topper. I will try to copy that tree as I buy new ornaments and supplies. Does anyone know where I can buy those???

I have gotten some woodland animals that were less expensive and put them in the tree. I’m sure the kids will love it.

My woodland animals

I finished my woodland tree for now, but as I said I will look for more ornaments and embellishments. Now to tackle the presents. Charge!

My woodlands tree

thanks for visiting guys. Talk soon

Take good care. Let me know if you find those vintage animals ornaments!!



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