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After a couple of years of holiday blahs, I decided to decorate the house for Christmas. In the last post, I shared my updated dining room decor with Christmas decor. Today I am sharing the sitting room. I use an artificial tree now and have used this white light tree in the living room for the past few years. This year I decorated with a woodland animal theme for the grandchildren. I also put a multicolored tree in the office just for me. I did not put outside lights up this year, so placing this little guy in the front window is my front-of-the-house decor.

woodland decor tree

A few houses near me have those giant tree Christmas bulbs on their trees. I love the look and put a few out a couple of years ago on the dogwood tree in front of the window, but a winter gale destroyed them. So the little inside tree now works for me. It’s a welcoming site as I drive up to the house in the evening, and I enjoy working in the office with the merry little thing. This year this tree has been nominated for a particular duty…I’ll explain at the end of the post.

I put a lighted garland on the mantle with a white glittery cardboard village set of houses and a church nestled into the garland. My mantle top is very narrow; this is about all I can fit into the space. It looks good next to the woodlands tree, and I am pleased with the overall effect.

Nutcracker on hearth

As I said, this year, the tree displays a woodland story. Next year, I plan to change to a more colonial, Early American decor for the tree. Also, I might add a string of colored lights and more balls. A bit of natural pine greenery sounds good too. I will place some pine roping around my table and living room this year, but because it dries out soo fast, I will wait till Christmas week. I bought some at the local garden shop and stored them in the garage.

I had a family member who lived in Washington, DC, for about twenty years. They have since retired from their jobs, so now their last Washington present to me is the last Washington White House decor I will get- the 2021 White House Ornament offered by the White House Historical Society. Last year the ornament was the Lyndon B Johnson ornament of the White House. Each offering has a brochure explaining the ornament and the President of the time.

2021 White House ornament

The 2020 was a special offering- President Kennedy Portrait see below


The White House Historical Society has a shop, and I will continue the tradition. I purchased this year’s ornament at this linkSEE HERE

It is the Gingerbread White House. Pat Nixon started placing a gingerbread house in the White House in the dining room every year.

2022 White House Ornament- Gingerbread White House

Now to tell you about the special duty for my little office Christmas tree. This year I started a new tradition or rather extended my brother and his wife’s

Usually this little tree just had the lights – I never put any decorations on it. However, this year I decided to put all 20-something White House Ornaments on the tree and will add the yearly ornament each year in the future. I will continue the tradition my brother started all those years ago. For what is Christmas really except family?

I love the transportation ones- train, horse n buggy, old car. they are all beautifully crafted, and the historical insert is an added bonus

Merry Christmas, everyone! Please share your traditions and deco ideas in the comments below. I would love to hear them.


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