Happy St Patrick’s Day Gifts


Looking for an authentic Irish gift for ourself or someone? I have a few items I bought back from Ireland that might fill the bill.

This is the main house in Wexford, Ireland with Wisteria blooming

If you know me, you know that I have lived half the year in Ireland for the past twelve years. We bought back items from Ireland that we crafted in Ireland, found at Irish antique shops, or used materials from Ireland to create art pieces for our American shop. Right now I have framed tiles made with Victorian fireplace tiles: singles and a couple of triples. Most of these tiles are from the early 1900’s and some from well known pottery manufactures. They are authentic antiques and not reproductions!

I also have some pebble art made with pebbles from Wexford county beaches near our home, and drift wood taken from Curracloe Beach That beach is right down the road from us and happens to be the beach used in the movie “Saving Private Ryan.. It’s a lovely beach with lots of sand and calm waters. Driftwood hunting is a favorite after storm activity there !!

Curracloe Beach after a storm


Irish pebbles- pandas. $35.00

Irish Pebbles- On the Fence. $35.00
pebble art
Irish Pebbles N Drift Wood Piece from Wexford Beach $35.00
pebble art
Irish pebbles with Eucalyptus- $35.00


John had an antique store in Dublin and he us to find and fit antique cast iron fireplaces into fine Dublin homes. In the process he collected a collection of antique Victorian tiles. When I came to Ireland, we began to hunt the old cast iron fireplaces for the authentic antique tiles alone. As you can see here in this picture. The cast iron fireplace had a series of tiles down each side.

Cast iron fireplace set into mahogany surround with triple set of tiles

Below is a shamrock tile from the early 1900s. The frame is handcrafted in the mission style with added pegs. A hanger is on the back so you can place the frame on a wall. However the frame is thick enough to place it on a shelve or a plate rack. The tile is a standard 6 inch by 6 in square. The colors are sharp and the tile is in great condition for it’s age. These tiles are definite collector items. You can easily find. them on eBay and Etsy ranging from $50 to over $100 each. I encourage you to research them before you buy.

Great Shamrock tile- framed in solid wood mission style with wood pegs $75.00

Next is a vibrant floral from an outstanding potter. Again with a handcrafted mahogany mission frame

Antique Tiles ireland flower
A gorgeous floral- Victorian antique tiles- $75.00

We also have two multiple frame tile sets. Again the tiles are authentic antiques with ntiqu inserts seperating the three tiles. Most fireplaces held five tiles down each side. We scoured old reclam centers nd removed the tiles from old fireplaces we found. We only found a couple a fireplaces with intact matching tiles. These frames were a big hit at Irish craft fairs. We only have the two left. I will sell them at a discounted price of $225.00 each

Gorgeous cocoa colored Victorian fireplace tile set frames in white oak $225.00
Frames victorian tiles in green with antique separators in a mahogany frame with vintage silver spoon hangers $225

And finally s green frame piece of Ireland- a Set of two- Vintage Floral Displace from Ireland- Tipperary in fact. Thee sections are filled with local dried flowers and seeds from the region. A craft project from the 1970s found in many homes.

Special price for the set$50.00

I do so hope you found something you like for St. Patrick’s Day.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in buying any of these items. There is a contact form on the website. Happy to answer any questions. I still have pebbles and drift wood from Ireland I bought back here with me. What a laugh if they opened my luggage at customs!! Anyway, I am happy to make a custom order.

I will be putting them on Etsy in the future and the cost will have to be higher to offset their fees, etc.

So Erin go Braugh!

Slante- get your Guinness ready



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