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Today I want to share with you my dining room Christmas decorations excursion. I rarely decorated the dining room because I needed all the space to serve family dinners. I no longer cook big family dinners; instead, I go to my kids’ houses.

This year I chose to upgrade the dining table decor and decorate the buffet for Christmas. The dining room makeover began when I found two Hitchcock chairs on Marketplace. A young couple was cleaning out granny’s house and did not know the value of these chairs as collectibles, and I got a great price. I grew up on the east coast and lean toward a colonial English country decor, so I knew those chairs, in combination with four Windsor side chairs, would look fantastic. There were a few places where the black paint was chipped on the arms- I sanded, repainted, and used a thin spray of lacquer. They look good as new.

I found this colonial kitchen in Primitive magazine

I looked for Windsor chairs to complement the colonial look. I found them locally at $500 per chair but could not justify that cost. Luckily, I did find the look I wanted on Houzz.

I was nervous about buying from them. After a bit of research, I found most buyers were happy with their purchase, so I did order four- black Windsor side chairs as SEE HERE. I am delighted with the look and quality of the chairs. Instead of gluing and hammering- they are attached with wood screws and bolts. Hopefully, they will last a while, and I do so love the look. The home-crafted farmhouse table was stained with gel stain, which almost looks black in some places. Very pleased with the esthetic

I love the black with the hand stained farmhouse table

With the dining decor settled, I looked on Pinterest for inspiration for decorating the room for Christmas. Finally, I found a buffet decor I loved and copied it as best I could. Bluegraygal had a great buffet I copied as best I could.

from bluegraygal’s website

I loved the double buffet lamps in the photo. I found another similar buffet with double black lamps and thought they were something special. I specifically searched for that look and found it at My Lamps Plus. I got the lighted garland, the little tree, the Santa light, and the two deer from Amazon. I love those brass deer.

I also ordered two painted Nutcrackers from Macy’s on Black Friday and got a fantastic price deal. The larger one I put on the hearth.
I still might hand a faux green wreath over the mirror. I sent for a green pine look with pinecones. All I have to do is hang it with a ribbon and a bow!

My adaptation

I hope this gives you some suggestions for your home decor. Please feel free to share how you decorated your dining area this year.


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