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Monday, I bagged up my white Winter down cover and put my Spring cream and gold quilt on the bed. It is a heavier weighted quilt that usually handles Spring weather with just enough weight to keep me warm in Ohio evening temperatures in the 50s and low 60’s. I also add a light blanket and sheeting, But last night, I had to pull out an old quilt I purchased years ago at an Amish store in Hartville, Ohio. It’s a pretty star pattern quilt in cream, pink, and light green.

Whoops, I see a couple more hand repairs needed!!

I moved to Ohio in the mid-’70s, and at that time, this area of Ohio had a large Amish and Mennonite population. The Hartville area was very rural, with a multitude of large farms and small country stores. Eventually, more and more people moved to the area. The Amish sold their farms, and that land became multitudes of housing allotments. The village of Hartville business section expanded with more and more antique, woodcraft, and craft shops. One shop was a quilt store. It was there I found my not so professionally made quilt.

My inexpert eye did not have a clue as to the skill level of a real quilter. The shop was aimed at the tourists’ trade, and I bought a pretty simple machine stitched quilt.

I have hand repaired this quilt a good few times. But it has survived kids, dogs, and adults recovering on the couch or just watching telly since the ’70s. So it did last a good while, and I still have it!!. Meanwhile, that shop closed long ago. All the Amish have left the area. We still have a few Mennonite families, and Hartville has become a town now, no longer the village of yesteryear.

My personal home decor is a bit eclectic. It’s a mix of East Coast antique and Old World Country cottage with a dash of American farmhouse.
I use a color combination of green, yellow, and blue in my house. You can see that combo in the bedroom.

The painting of the birch trees over the bed has all my colors, and I pulled from that focal point for the bedroom decor. Gold and yellow sunflowers, a neutral black metal bed frame, also picked up in the side lamps.

You can see the gold sunflowers, black lamps and bedframe and the blue flowers in the decor and the picture

At the foot of the bed sits my old cedar chest. A piece of mid-century modern from the 1960s. I store my quilts inside. I recently applied a re-design with Prima transfer Rose and Rouge to the top and then sealed it with a new hand wax from Wise Owl called lemon verbena furniture salve. The wax went on beautifully, and it had a fantastic aroma. It has been over 6 months now since I applied, and I am delighted with how it has held up.

I really love that heavy quilt. The weight is much heavier than my summer quilt and I wish I could remember where I bought it. I would love to get another. The material itself is different. It is a waffle like material and there doesn’t seem to be much stuffing in it. I looked on the sides for a makers label but all I found was care instructions. I have washed it before and it comes out great!

Heavy quilting-waffle like

I am still in the process of completing the bedroom. Next, I plan to change out the window treatments and trade the cream drapes for a light navy. I will takeout the shades; they were like heavy paper material and have deteriorated. I’ll hang a double rod for navy drapes and white shears.

I swore I’d never have shears again, but never say never. I have a golf course on the back of the house, which sold recently. Under new management, I find younger golfers who seem to shoot a little wilder than the prior older clientele and come closer to the house than ever before. SMILE

Now, while the shears provide privacy in the daylight, I need to pull the drapes in the evenings. Depending on the blackout efficiency of the curtain, I might have to add a new blind.
But anyway, I will share with you when the time comes for the window treatment additions.

An artistic render of quit patterned framed. I purchased this in Hartville years ago.

I had hoped to get to weed today, but it is still a bit chilly with a real cold strong wind. So another excuse not to go out. I will run out of excuses soon and have to get to work out there.

So, do you use quilts in spring or Summer? Have you gone back to your winter duvet??

Take good care….drop me a line will you?



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