Clontarf Castle Dublin


When I first went to Ireland many years ago in search for my grandmother.

I’ll tell you that story sometime. Anyway, I met a lovely family on line who wanted to help me search the main records for her and they invited me over for a week.

The woman was named Sharon and she took me to a few places in Dublin to visit. One was Clontarf Castle. It is being used as a hotel but the main building still had the bones of the original castle. I had lunch and oohed and awed my way through a small tour.

Here are some pictures of the place. If you ever get a chance to go to Dublin, it is well worth the visit.

The castle as you driv e in
Ceiling medallion in main bar dining room
Entrance Suit of Armor
Old original walls and floors of Castle

I had a great time and the meal was delicious!!!

Any geology nutters out there? I have been tracing my family trees for many years. I finally did find that grandmother and got my Irish citizenship.



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