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For those who have followed me over the years in my many manifestations. I wrote about a Fox Squirrel- a new entity for me, in our garden a few years ago, SEE HERE. The fox squirrel is the largest in North America. They average 20 -30 inches long and weigh about 1 to 3 pounds. They get their name from the beautiful red-gold coloration of their full tail, similar to the red fox. Settlers in the plains and west of the US hunted them for food. Today, I wanted to share my latest addition to the Fox Squirrel family with other garden creature watchers.

I am confident the giant Fox Squirrel from a couple of years ago must have died or been killed by the many hawks in the area. Or perhaps one of the coyotes that roam the golf course behind me. We nicknamed her Goldie, and I have not seen her. a shame, for she was a beauty.

Now I see the smaller fox squirrel on my feeder. I still find the coloration of the animal to be fascinating. This little one has that same bright red gold tail I like. Wiki notes that the fox squirrel is a more aloof and loner squirrel, not one to live in packs like the gray squirrel so f my youth. I mentioned in my prior post I had tamed a little gray school as a youngster.

My Pinkie from my youth

I have attempted to get this new guy to take peanuts from my hand or tolerate my presence on the back deck. The large mother allowed us to get quite close, but this little one ran and leaped into the red maple beside the deck. A fox squirrel is quite a jumper and flies from tree to tree.

Our new Goldie

If you’d like more info on Fox Squirrels, you can SEE HERE. And HERE.

For a reason I will explain shortly, my back sunroom has been a haven for me this year. I spend most of the day there, reading and watching the birds and squirrels and of course the golfers. I feel very lucky this has been a gorgeous fall.

Sun Room
The big gold maple on the golf course
The red maple out front

We had 1/4 inch of snow here this week. I have yet to winterize the gardens. I am recovering from a total hip replacement and have had to hire out my garden chores for the past year. Hip and knee replacements have become the most frequent elective surgery and are being sought by younger and younger patients.

The guy I hired is expected next week. I need to cut down the perennials, spread compost, and cover some more touchy plants with a snow blanket. I almost lost my first hydrangeas two years ago during winter’s cold deep freeze. Thankfully, they recovered from the ground last year but did not bloom. Hopefully, adding compost this year will remedy the flowering situation. I covered them with a snow blanket then and will again this year. I also have a new and touchy yellow rose I cover. I got my snow blankets from Amazon SEE HERE

I can now sit at the computer for more than the short spells allow right after surgery. I hope to post more frequently. Winter will soon damper my outdoor work, so I will return to home decor and other hobbies to share over the following months. I’ve ordered a large bookcase for the living room and a new rug. I am changing my color choices from a few years ago and refreshing a few of my rooms. I am leaning toward the New England, Colonial, English-style furnishings I grew up around. Here is a sample of the grandkids bedroom

Hope to visit with you soon. Take good care


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