common problems with refrigerators

When I upgraded the kitchen about four years ago, I got all-new stainless steel appliances to replace the dated gold set. I purchased a bundle of three- a dishwasher, stove & refrigerator. Appliance stores commonly offer the bundle as a unique pricing gimmick. It is typically cheaper than buying separate appliances. I now believe that

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My Bird Feeder/ Fox Squirrel

Today I added some more sunflower bits to the bird feeder on the deck. Yesterday I got a bunch of birds- a lot more than in the past few weeks. Perhaps the cooler weather may have bought them out. There was a woodpecker, the usual finches- house, red, and yellow. A few chickadees and a

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full shot of the kitchen

ready to start new projects- replacement windows

I must say I am sorry for the lack of posting I have been offering these past months. Covid, a bereavement, and an illness all hit me within a year, and I just went onto a deep funk. However, this spring has revived me a bit, and I have gotten my medical condition sorted for

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