How Safe Are You. Tips on Holiday Safety

 Over this past weekend, I had an event scared me.  I live in a condo on a golf course in a quiet suburb in northeast Ohio.   I really do not wish to identify the area any closer to that location. The town is really a great area.  Fantastic school systems, pretty layout, taxes are

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criochfort terminal 2

The Story of My Plane Trip from Hell

I had to come back from Ireland, and so I booked my flight and limo trip the week prior to my leaving date. With the sale of Irish airlines Aer Lingus to the UK, various airline routes changed. We routinely used the Dublin to Philly to Akron Canton circuit. Dublin airport However, for the past

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My First Home in Ireland

Over ten years ago now, I went to Ireland with John to begin our duel continent living. Until fairly recently, John always traveled on a three-month nonimmigrant visa waiver program. Ireland and the United States have an agreement that allows travel from Ireland to the USA with Visa for 90 days. For details on this

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