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Inadvertent Marketing Idea For Wood Boxes From Marian

My Inspiration Person If you know me, you will know that one of my favorite creatives is Marian Parsons, owner of the website and blog, Miss Mustard Seed.com. I have actually followed her for about ten years now. She is probably one of the main reasons I started a blog many years ago. Now Marian

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Daily Organizers. Which do You Recommend?

During my working years as a medical-legal nurse consultant, I utilized a couple of different calendar systems in my tenure. I did not have an iPhone nor a Google calendar, so I had to make do with paper calendars. The legal department had a legal form software on the computer which had a schedule, but

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The Reasons for A New Blog Relaunch

I’m afraid 2019 has not been a good year for me and mine. I kept getting what I called wandering tendonitis, which kept me from activities I usually enjoy. Then a lung illness Illness struck me. After multiple tests, waiting periods, and a lung CT, the doctor finally diagnosed me with autoimmune disease- as a

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